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Champions League Men - 24 May 2016

This weekend is booked for ETTU Club Competitions

ETTU Table Tennis Champions League Men, ETTU Cup Men and ETTU Champions League Women live on


This weekend is all about table tennis. will be covering the games of three exciting competitions in the run for the title of Europe’s best table tennis teams. On Friday, LAOLA1 will be broadcasting the return leg of the ETTU Cup Men finals where Weinviertel Niederösterreich competes against SV Werder Bremen. Also on Friday is the final second stage of the ETTU Champions League Women teams of TTC Berlin Eastside and KTS Zamek Tarnobrzeg.


On Sunday, AS Pontoise Cergy TT plays against Eslovs AI Bordtennis in the final second stage of the Table Tennis Champions League Men (TTCLM). is covering all matches on Friday, 27th May and Sunday, 29th May, live and broadcasts the tournaments around the world.


Starting on Friday, 27th of May at 6:30 pm with the women’s ETTU Champions League final second stage, where Double CL winner TTC Berlin Eastside (2012/13, 2013/14) will play against last year’s ETTU Cup winner KTS Zamek Tarnobrzeg from Poland. TTC Berlin Eastside has won the first match against Zamek.


The table tennis weekend is followed by the return leg of men’s ETTU Cup final also on Friday at 8:15 pm. Whereas in the ETTU Cup Men Weinviertel Niederösterreich will welcome SV Werder Bremen, who lost the first leg against the Austrian team. While Weinviertel Niederösterreich won the Champions League 2007/08, SV Werder Bremen has not yet achieved any international success.


On Sunday, 29th of May at 5:00 pm, LAOLA covers the final return leg of the Table Tennis Champions League Men (TTCLM). Against all predictions Eslovs Al Bordtennis will challenge AS Pontoise Cergy in the 2015/16 Table Tennis Champions League Men. Eslovs has won against Pontoise in the first final leg of TTCLM.


LAOLA1.TV will broadcast all above mentioned matches live and then provide full match coverage on its website. As an added benefit, Premium members will be able to follow the matches on the move on their smartphones, on the computer, accessing up to four simultaneous live streams, or via Smart TV in top HD and commercial-free quality.



The ETTU Champions League Women live on

Friday, 27th May

6.30 pm: TTC Berlin Eastside (GER) – KTS Zamek Tarnobrzeg (POL)

The ETTU Cup Men live on

Friday, 27th May

8.15 pm: Weinviertel Niederösterreich (AUT) – SV Werder Bremen (GER)

Table Tennis Champions League Men TTCLM live on

Sunday, 29th May

5.00 pm: AS Pontoise Cergy (FRA) – Eslovs Al Bordtennis (SWE)

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