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Other Events - 15 May 2016

Serbia clinched gold medals in both Junior singles events in Tivat

Balkan Youth Championships


Nikola MARINKOVIC and Dragana VIGNJEVIC clinched gold medals in their respective Junior Singles Events at the Balkan Youth Championships concluded today in Montenegro's city of Tivat.


In the final MARNKOVIC beat his teammate Aleksa GACEV, whilst Stefan TODOROV of Bulgaria and Florin DRAGOS OPREA of Romania secured bronze medals.  Dragana VIGNJEVIC also beat her teammate Izabela LUPULESKU in the final. Previously they both succeeded against Serbia's Tijana JOKIC and Sabina SURJAN.


Florin OPREA DRAGOS and Stefan TONGHIOIU of Romania are nwe Doubles Champions. They overcame Serbian, Romanian combination of Aleksa ADAMOVIĆ and Paul MLADIN at the ultimate hurdle. Aleksa GACEV and Nikola MARINKOVIĆ of Serbia and Stefan TODOROV and Konstantin VATOV of Bulgaria are third.


VIGNJEVIC clinched another gold. She succeeded to the highest step at the medal rostrum with JOKIC in Doubles. Andreea CLAPA and Izabela LUPULESKU of Romania and Serbia concluded the competition in second position, whilst Ana ALEKSANDRIC and Sabina SURJAN of Serbia as well as Andreea HUDUSAN and Mihaela PLAEASU of Romania are third.


Nikola MARINKOVIC and Izabela LUPULESKU of Serbia are new Mixed Doubles champions. Niksa MARTINOVIC and Sabina SURJAN of Serbiaare second and Florin OPREA DRAGOS with Mihaela PLAEASU of Romania are second. Romania's Stefan TONGHIOIU and Andreea HUDUSAN are third.


Dimitrije LEVAJAC of Serbia beat  Cristian BOGDAN of Romania in the final of the Cadet Boys Singles Event. Marius RADOI of Romania and Filip RADULOVIC of Montenegro are third. Romania clinched gold and silver in Cadet Girls Singles Event. Tanja PLAJAN and Krisztina VARGA played in the final. Radmila TOMINJAK and Angela MENGER both of Serbia, both lost in semis.


Cristian BOGDAN and Marius RADOI of Romania won top prize in Cadet Boys Doubles Event. Akos BENKE  and Dimitrije LEVAJAC of Serbia are second, Nikola CEROVAC and Todor SKELEDIJA of Serbia are third as well as Stefan DOSHEV and Ivan RADKEV of Bulgaria.


Tanja PLAJAN and Krisztina VARGA of Romani won gold in Girls event, Reka BEZEG and Angela MENGER of Serbia clinched silver. Miroslava ANDRONOVA and Viktoria PETKOVA of Bulgaria and  Marija GNJATIC and Alemka HASECIC of Bosnia and Herzegovina are third.


The line up in Mixed Doubles is: 1. Marius RADOI and Tanja PLAJAN of Romania, 2. Crisitian BOGDAN and Krisztina VARGA of Romania and 3. Stefan DOSHEV and Kalina HRISTOVA of Bulgaria, 3. Dimitrije LEVAJAC and Angela Menger of Serbia.

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