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Champions League Women - 4 May 2016

PALINA requires one more victory in Berlin

Photo: Courtesy TTC Berlin Eastside

Coach of TTC Berlin Eastside speaks about „victory without any benefits” against Zamek Tarnobrzeg in the first final leg of 2015/16 ECLW


TTC Berlin Eastside will play tomorrow, in German Bundesliga (against Boblingen), for its 30th consecutive victory in this season. Irina PALINA`s side is unique unbeaten team in the all three competitions (ECLW, Bundesliga and German Cup), defeating last Friday Polish champion KTS Spar Zamek Tarnobrzeg 3:2 (9:9) in the first final leg of the 2015/16 European Champions League Women. The rematch will be held on May 27th in Berlin.


”After four hours of fighting, we won the match, but unfortunately without any benefits. Balance sets speak for themselves 9:9. But in the words of Cicero, ’a bad peace is better than a good war,’ and here is the - Victory better than hard defeat! So we have to win our match in Berlin and we hope that the ’house walls’ and the spectators will help us in this”, stated Irina PALINA which side has 9-0 score in the ongoing ECLW.


Berlin was faced with almost same situation in the semi-finals against Linz AG Froschberg, having a very small advantage after the first away game 3:2 (10:9). These two matches were the hardest for SHAN Xiaona, Petrissa SOLJA and Georgina POTA in this season so far. They won all other games by 3:0 or 3:1 . Eleven out of 16 Bundesliga`s matches were ended 6:0 in their favor.


Berlin has a chance to repeat its best ever season (2013/14) when it took all three titles: ECLW, Bundesliga and German Cup. Now they already won national Cup (4-0 score) and have a clear way in the domestic league (16-0). In the last four years they gained seven titles in total.

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