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Champions League Women - 25 May 2016

HAN: We have a real chance to win ECLW

Photo: Courtesy ITTF

Leading Zamek`s player speaks about returning leg of the 2015/16 ECLW final against Berlin (Friday, May 27th, 18:30 CET, live on


The 2015/16 European Champions League Women will be concluded this Friday in Germany, by the clash between TTC Berlin Eastside and KTS SPAR-Zamek Tarnobrzeg. German champion and top seed has a slight advantage from the first game held three weeks ago in Poland. They won 3:2 (9:9) thanks to SHAN Xiaona who provided two points.


The best ranked ECLW participant and leading Zamek`s player HAN Ying believes that her side is capable to go down in history as the very first Polish club at the top of this prestigious competition:


“The first match was not so bad for us, even we lost it. We did everything what we could. What I expect for the match in Germany: to play everything what I can and try to win the match! It's difficult for us, but we still have chance to win the title”, stated HAN Ying, world`s no. 9 who has 12-6 individual ECLW score this season.


Berlin`s SHAN Xiaona beat both Natalya PARTIKA and HAN Ying in the first leg, improving her individual record to 12-1 (the best one in the current ECLW). One of decisive moments in the second match should be the encounter between SHAN and HAN, two who many times contributed with two points in the victories of their sides.


German team is still undefeated so far, having 31-0 in all three competitions: 18-0 Bundesliga, 4-0 German Cup, 9-0 ECLW. They have a chance to become the first triple ECLW winner, after 2012 and 2014. On the other side, Zamek tries to win one more European trophy, after 2015 ETTU Cup.




TTC Berlin Eastside (9-0)


Group stage

(H) TT Saint Quentin 3:1

(A) Bursa Buyuksehir Belediyespor 3:0

(A) TT Saint Quentin 3:0

(H) Bursa Buyuksehir Belediyespor 3:0







(A) Linz AG Froschberg 3:2

(H) Linz AG Froschberg 3:1



(H) Zamek Tarnobrzeg 3:2

(A) Zamek Tarnobrzeg ?


Zamek Tarnobrzeg (6-3)


Group stage

(H) CP Lyssois Lille Metropole 1:3

(A) Linz AG Froschberg 3:2

(A) CP Lyssois Lille Metropole 3:1

(H) Linz AG Froschberg 3:2



(A) Fanerbahce Sport Club 3:1

(H) Fenerbahce Sport Club 2:3



(A) UCAM Cartagena 3:1

(H) UCAM Cartagena 3:1



(H) TTC Berlin Eastside 2:3

(A) TTC Berlin Eastside ?


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