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Champions League Men - 26 May 2016

FREITAS: TTCLM final is not over!

Photo: Courtesy AS Pontoise Cergy

Pontoise`s best player looks forward to the second leg of the 2015/16 final against Eslovs Al Bordtennis, this Sunday (May 29th, 17:00 CET, live on


Two years ago TTCLM champions are faced now with a huge challenge, starting with 1:3 deficit in the returning final leg this Sunday in France: AS Pontoise Cergy – Eslovs Al Bordtennis (May 29th, 17:00 CET, live on Swedish champion upset Marcos FREITAS & Company, thanks to XU Hui who got two points in the 3:1 (9:5) victory.


“Eslovs was the better team in our last match and a fair winner. They are a strong team and they proved it during all the season. The final is not over and off course we will fight to win the title in our home”, stressed FREITAS, the 2015 ITTF European Championships runner-up.


Pontoise needs a good team work in order to take their second TTCLM title. Marcos FREITAS replies on question about his current form:


“I have been good last months and I just want to be in my best shape for the last game of the season against Eslovs”.


Newly crowned champion of France for the second consecutive season targets its first ever double crown (ProA and TTCLM in same time). Coach Christian ADAM explains:


“We have not made the match we thought doing in Sweden and have made the situation difficult, but to our public, we will do the maximum and try to reverse the situation. We have already done in the past, why not this time”!




AS Pontoise Cergy (7-4)


Group stage

(A) Werder Bremen 2:3

(A) Energa-Manekin Torun 3:1

(H) Eslovs Al Bordtennis 2:3

(H) Werder Bremen 3:1

(H) Energa-Manekin Torun 3:1

(A) Eslovs Al Bordtennis 3:1



(A) Borussia Dusseldorf 3:2

(H) Borussia Dusseldorf 3:1



(H) Fakel Gazproma Orenburg 3:1

(A) Fakel Gazproma Orenburg 2:3



(A) Eslovs Al Bordtennis 1:3

(H) Eslovs Al Bordtennis ?


Eslovs Al Bordtennis (7-4)


Group stage

(A) Energa-Manekin Torun 3:0

(H) Werder Bremen 3:1

(A) AS Pontoise Cergy 3:2

(H) Energa-Manekin Torun 3:1

(A) Werder Bremen 2:3

(H) AS Pontoise Cergy 1:3



(A) Chartres AS TT 3:1

(H) Chartres ASTT 2:3



(H) Olimpia Unia Grudziadz 2:3

(A) Olimpia Unia Grudziadz 3:1



(A) Pontoise Cergy 3:1

(H) Pontoise Cergy ?

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