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ETTU Cup Men - 26 May 2016

Chance for Weinviertel Niederösterreich and Bursa Büyükşehir Belediyespor to celebrate their titles at home

Men’s and Women’s ETTU Cup


Austria’s Weinviertel Niederösterreich and Turkish Bursa Büyükşehir Belediyespor recorded opening leg victories in their respective Men’s and Women’s ETTU Cup finals three weeks ago.


On their home soil, on Friday, Weinviertel Niederösterreich will play for the title, after they overcame SV Werder Bremen in Germany 3:1. The only player to scored for Germany’s team was Bastian STEGER. He overcame Stefan FEGERL before HOU Yingcho leveled and beat Hunor SZÖCS. In the fourth match HOU overcame STEGER. Daniel HABESOHN overcame Constantin CIOTI


“I think in Ruhe, we commenced the opening duel in very powerful style. I had 2-2 and 10-4 against STEGER. However, after I lost, HOU made a good job and won two points. Against STEGER he was 1-2 down. So it was another very close match. Danny played at position no. three, he was one game in reverse and 9:10 down,“ explained FEGERL.


The forthcoming duel will not be exception. Everyone expects close final.


“It is 50/50 match. We are favorites, but so many things could go wrong. If we manage to make a good draw, win first or second game, then the chances are on our side. I am optimistic, but by no mean we will not underestimate Bremen with STEGER,” said FEGERL.


Werder will fight until the last ball.

“Weinviertel were the expected heavy opponents, with very strong players at all three positions. Weinviertel have made a good game in Bremen , we will give everything in the second leg , the players are highly motivated. We will fight to the last point and hope the sensation will come. The team will be accompanied by many fans, we are looking forward to the game,” said Manager Sascha GREBER.



Turkish club Bursa Büyükşehir Belediyespor clinched victory against CP LYSSOIS Lille Metropole in the opening leg in Lille. On Sunday, on their home soil they will have the chance to celebrate the title.


“We had our chances in the opening leg. It is a shame we did not seized the opportunities we had. The atmosphere was great with 700 fans in the hall,” reflected Bernadette SZOCS.”We have been a little bit unlucky three weeks ago, but I feel and I know that we can beat them now in Turkey. I came close to beat Polina MIKHAYLOVA. She played last time against me like she have nothing to lose, but she will not surprise me again. Of course the toughest task will be to stop HU Melek.”


In opening leg YANG Xiaoxin gave hosts a dream start, but HU Melek was at the top of the game. After YANG Xiaoxin beat Polina MIKHAYLOVA, HU brought back guests in game. She beat Bernadette SZOCS. The scenario repeated once again. Agnes LELANNIC overcame Maria DOLGIKH in close three games, before HU beat YANG Xiaoxin to level the score. In the last duel Polina MIKHAYLOVA overcame SZOCS.



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