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Member Associations - 17 Mar 2016

Who will halt Kostas PAPAGEORGIOU

Greek National Championships


Who can take the trophy from Kostas PAPAGEORGIOU? At the upcoming weekend, 19 and March 20, in Athens (STIGA area at the Peace and Friendship Stadium) at the 68th National championship men and women the key question will be which athlete has the chance to grab the title in singles from PAPAGEORGIOU, who dominated for six years! The odds, however, are this year also in favour of the player of Olympiacos.

The cahllengers are Ioannis VLOTINOS, George KONSTANTINOPOULOS, Kostas LAGOGIANNIS, Konstantinos KONSTANTINOPOULOS, Dimitris PAPADIMITRIOU, Tasos RINIOTIS, Konstantinos AGGELAKIS and certainly 16 years old Ioannis SGOUROPOULOS, who recently in Malyisia made its debut in the World Championship.

In women's singles Katerina TOLIOU is the clear favorite. Last year she won the first title in her career and now she will try to repeat the success. In the finals in past two years she faced the national team teammate Maria CHRISTOFORAKI and it may be the case this year as well.

Other players who seem able to claim the gold medal are Georgia ZAVITSANOU, Filareti EXARCHOU, Christina FILI and Olga GEORGOPOULOU.

The National Championship of Greece include four events: the men's singles and doubles and the women's singles and doubles. The finals will start at noon of Sunday.


2006 Ioannis VLOTINOS                      
2007 Ioannis VLOTINOS                      
2008 Ioannis VLOTINOS                       
2009 Ioannis VLOTINOS                   
2010 Konstantinos PAPAGEORGIOU   
2011 Konstantinos PAPAGEORGIOU   
2012 Konstantinos PAPAGEORGIOU   
2013 Konstantinos PAPAGEORGIOU    
2014 Konstantinos PAPAGEORGIOU     
2015 Konstantinos PAPAGEORGIOU    



2006 Laura Nikoulae

2007 Arxontoula Volakaki

2008 Christina Fili

2009 Katerina Ntoulaki

2010 Christina FILI

2011 Katerina NTOULAKI

2012 Filareti EXARCHOU

2013 Christina FILI


2015 Katerina TOLIOU


By Ioannis FAKAROS

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