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Member Associations - 3 Mar 2016

Werner Schlager Academy is rescued


After several weeks full of uncertainty the decision is made: the successful project Werner SCHLAGER Academy continues! On December 10th 2015 the CEO was forced to file for insolvency. During the insolvency proceedings a new investor was found and enthused for the international table tennis centre in Schwechat. With the engagement of the Chinese investor a new operating company oughts to continue the Table Tennis Academy in April 2016.

Therewith the Academy is realigned on a very good financial base and can look forward to the bright future ahead. A name change to emphasize the table tennis centre’s international orientation will be discussed as well.


The insolvency administrator Mag. Katharina KOLLAND-TWAROCH is optimistic about the second chance: “During the insolvency proceedings all people involved had the chance to find a new position for the project and themselves. The extremely dedicated and professional employees of the Academy did not only prove themselves in the crisis but could also give hope for the promising future of the training centre. It is very satisfying that an international investor has recognized the chances and engages in the rescue of the Academy.”



Still few last details for the future of the international training centre have to be discussed. The Academy was recently honoured by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) as “Table Tennis Academy”, the highest possible status for an international table tennis centre. Nevertheless the daily training could be kept running during the insolvency without problems. The daily training will continue as well until the new operating company takes over.



“In the insolvency proceedings we received many positive signals from national and international supporters. These reactions prove the enormous importance of the high- performance table tennis centre for the national and international table tennis sport. Especially the results of the players who permanently practice in Schwechat show the outstanding performance of the Academy. It is now essential to look ahead and take the necessary steps for a successful future. I am convinced that the last details can be swiftly clarified”, reports Mag. KOLLAND-TWAROCH.


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