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Champions League Women - 1 Apr 2016

Two top ECLW seeds in the final: Berlin vs. Zamek

Photo: Courtesy TTC Berlin Eastside

Returning semi-final matches: TTC Berlin Eastside – Linz AG Froschberg 3:1, KTS SPAR Zamek Tarnobrzeg – UCAM Cartagena 3:1


TTC Berlin Eastside and KTS SPAR Zamek Tarnobrzeg are going to play in the 2015/16 European Champions League Women. That was the outcome of the tonight`s returning semi-final matches held in Germany and Poland: TTC Berlin Eastside – Linz AG Froschberg 3:1 (1st leg 3:2), KTS SPAR Zamek Tarnobrzeg – UCAM Cartagena 3:1 (3:1).


Two double ECLW champions again played tough and close match. This time it took four matches instead five, but nuances decided forth encounter between SHAN Xiaona and LIU Jia. Guest led 1:0 and 2:1, but host turned after thrilling fourth set (13:11) and finally won after full five games. Austrian side had no solution for SHAN who won all four his matches in two legs. Tonight, Petrissa SOLJA responded sharply to Iveta VACENOVSKA who beat her three weeks ago in Linz. LIU took unique point for Austrian champion, as she beat Georgina POTA in the second match.


Berlin will play for the third ECLW crown, while Zamek targets its first ever. Actual ETTU Cup winner has unique chance to reach two different European titles in a row.


Polish champion progressed with two 3:1 wins. Strong defender HAN Ying again contributed with two points, against Iulia NECULA and XIAO Maria, both in straight games. LI Qian added one more, while former individual European champion Ruta PASKAUSKIENE won unique point for Spanish side.


Returning semi-final matches of the 2015/16 ECLW


KTS SPAR Zamek Tarnobrzeg – UCAM Cartagena 3:1 (1st leg 3:1)


HAN Ying – Iulia NECULA 3:0 (11:7, 11:9, 11:5)

LI Qian – XIAO Maria 3:0 (11:7, 11:3, 11:7)

Natalia PARTYKA – Ruta PASKAUSKIENE 2:3 (7:11, 12:10, 11:9, 5:11, 8:11)

HAN Ying – XIAO Maria 3:0 (11:3, 12:10, 11:4)


TTC Berlin Eastside – Linz AG Froschberg 3:1 (1st leg 3:2)


SHAN Xiaona – Sofia POLCANOVA 3:0 (11:8, 11:5, 11:6)

Georgina POTA – LIU Jia 1:3 (9:11, 11:8, 5:11, 8:11)

Petrissa SOLJA – Iveta VACENOVSKA 3:0 (11:8, 11:7, 11:7)

SHAN Xiaona – LIU Jia 3:2 (12:10, 5:11, 8:11, 13:11, 11:7)


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