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World Championships - 11 Mar 2016

PITCHFORD: We got the confidence and energy from each other

Perfect 2016 World Championships in Kuala Lumpur


After the great success at the Perfect 2016 World Championships in Kuala Lumpur, the member of the bronze medal winning team of England, Liam PITCHFORD reflected on outstanding tournament they had.


England won first medal at the World Championships after 33 years.


“I think the main moment for us was winning against Germany, the first two matches against Sweden and France we didn't feel like we performed how we could have done but after that against Denmark and Germany we really started to play good and they were really important victories. We still needed the right result between Sweden and Germany to go through and luckily it went our way,” said PITCHFORD.


PITCHFORD explained in more details:


“I think the matches against Sweden and France sort of took the pressure off of us, like I said we probably didn't play as well as we could have in those matches and after that we just told ourselves to give it our best and see what happens. “


England met France twice; they suffered defeat in the Groups stage and beat their adversaries in the match for medal.


“In our eyes it was a completely different game, we knew if we played better then we had a chance and we did just that, we were all ready for the fight and it was probably my best match of the tournament so that was nice. “


In the semi final, Japan proved too strong. Asked what could be done diferently, Liam said:


“I could probably have tried to be more relaxed when the close points were there but it is easy to say that now, I was close to winning both matches and I will learn from that for next time.”


When the rise of this generation started?


“I think the potential has been there for a while, we all had quite okay junior careers (especially Paul) we just maybe couldn't make the next step in seniors. Me and Sam are practicing in Ochsenhausen at the moment and that has been a big help for the both of us to be able to compete with the best in the World.”


What can you underline as your teammates best qualities?


“In this tournament it was definitely the team spirit, we only had 3 of us so we knew we really had to rely on one another and put in big performances, we were really a team and we got the confidence and energy from each other while we were on the table. “


What changed in English table tennis for better?


“We have a better system in place now, more organised and professional and so we were able to prepare together as a team and really work hard to achieving what we can.”


Speaking about his best results so far Liam said:


“As a team before this tournament our best result was winning the second division in 2014, we never dreamed that two years later we would have a medal! In singles I was in quarter final at European games and last 16 of European championships in 2015, hopefully this year can be even better. “


The support from the family and special ones was huge despite the time difference.


“It helps a lot to know your family will always support you in whatever you do. Because of time difference it was very early in the morning in Europe but my girlfriend was up to watch all the matches and it's such a good feeling and gives you a boost to know that whatever the result in the end you have the support of the people closest to you. “


We are looking forward Olympic Games.


“My mind is now moving to Olympic qualification in April and if I can keep the same form as in Malaysia then everything is possible. If I do qualify then I will be ready for Rio when it comes around!”


Playing in Ochsenhausen helps Liam improving his game.


“The competition is very strong. You always have to be ready; there are no easy matches and that prepares you for world tours and big tournaments. The practice is at a much higher level also, so you always have to be switched on and working or there are other players waiting to take their chance.”



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