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World Championships - 3 Mar 2016

Netherlands recovered from 0:2 to reach the quarters

Photo: Courtesy ITTF

Perfect 2016 World Team Table Tennis Championships


In the fantastic twist, at the edge of almost ruthlessly fast defeat, Netherlands turns their despair into the great victory. Dutch team booked their place in the quarterfinal of the Women’s Event at the Perfect 2016 World Team Table Tennis Championships in Kuala Lumpur by beating Austria in full five matches after they recovered from the 0:2 in reverse.


The match went in strange direction from the very beginning. Seeing LI Jie and LI Jiao loosing by straight games is not an everyday situation. LIU Jia and LI Qiangbing left two top Dutch players without any chances.


“I have no explanation for what happened in the arena.  We knew it is going to be difficult, but who can even think of 0:3. I guess we gave our best, day earlier against Singapore. We lost full distance match and we missed our big chance. We hoped for one more, but it did not come. We came here to win the medal, we fought very hard, but then we have been drawn to China in the quarters. It is huge disappointed,” said Elena TIMINA.” When LI Jiao entered the court she told me, she is so empty; she cannot move her legs. Someone might thing that we gave up the match, but it was not the case.”


With fast 2:0 and 10:3 in the opening game of the match between Sofia POLCANOVA and Britt EERLAND, Austria was in driving seat. However, Britt thought differently.


“I had a great problem adjusting to the windy conditions in the hall. Whenever I tried to serve short ball it went long. Finally I had to give up the tactics and to play more on my feelings,” said EERLAND.


From the moment when she faced first set ball against her, Britt won 9 points in the row.


“I promised myself I will not go with 0:3 at least. I just played the ball for the ball and I took my chances. POLCANOVA become nervous, whilst I played more and more relaxed. She beat me in three previous occasions and I study her game very well. I knew what I had to do.”


Asked to explain what happened POLCANOVA just shook her head in disbelief.


“I do not know what happened. I lost my focus in the first game, and after that I was under huge pressure. We were 2:0 up, but I knew if I lost the match our chances will be 50/50 afterwards.”


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