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Member Associations - 21 Mar 2016

Lionel WEBER and Rachel MORET won the national titles

Swiss National Championships

Lionel WEBER and Rachel MORET won the national titles at the Swiss national table tennis championship in Tenero. That’s the second title for WEBER and the fourth for MORET.


Lionel WEBER was the defending champion and won the final against Elia SCHMID, his partner in the national Swiss team, 4-1. His most difficult match was in quarter final against the young Dimitri BRUNNER, 4-2, 14-12 in the sixth game. Bronze medals go to Samy ZMIROU and Christian HOTZ.


The young Gaël VENDE and Yoan REBETEZ are the new swiss champions in double. They won 3-0 against Elia SCHMID and Christian HOTZ. Lionel WEBER - Cédric TSCHANZ and Nicolas CHAMPOD - Daniel MEMMI complete the podium.


Rachel MORET won her fourth title after 2009, 2012 and 2014. She beated Rahel ASCHWANDEN in final in five games. Bronze medals go to Céline REUST and Jacqueline WEISS.


MORET and ASCHWANDEN won the double together against Jacqueline WEISS and Laura SCHARRER in final. Alexandra TCHALAKIAN - Katerina REHOREK and Liza SCHEMPP - Nurit Ehrismann go to the third step.


Elia SCHMID and Rahel ASCHWANDEN won for the first time the title in Mixed Double. Salome SIMONET and Gaël VENDE are second. Yoan REBETEZ - Rachel MORET and Lars POSCH - Laura SCHARRER are third.


By L. Langel

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