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European Olympic Singles Qualification - 21 Mar 2016

European Olympic Singles Qualification Tournament away from Istanbul

Photo: Courtesy ITTF


The Executive Board (EB) of the European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) has conveyed its condolences to the Turkish people after the recent terrorist attacks in Ankara and Istanbul.


In agreement with the International Table Tennis Federation, ETTU’s EB came to a conclusion that the event cannot take place in Istanbul (Turkey), and decided to re-allocate the organisation of the European Olympic Singles Qualification Tournament (EOSQ), scheduled 6-10th of April 2016. Under the present circumstances the EB does not think it is possible to have a proper Olympic qualification tournament in Istanbul.


President Ronald Kramer said:


“It is with great reluctance that the ETTU Executive Board - in full cooperation with the ITTF - had to take this decision. But under the current circumstances in Istanbul, many of the European member associations, players, coaches and others have informed us of their great concern in this period of time to travel to Istanbul. ETTU understands these concerns and also holds the opinion that from a human point of view it may even be unfair to ask our Turkish colleagues to continue preparing the event”.


ETTU is currently, in cooperation with some national associations, looking for an alternative location and will provide further information very soon, hopefully even today or tomorrow.

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