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From the News Team - 3 Mar 2016

ETTU is moving forward in great atmosphere

Extraordinary Congress of the European Table Tennis Union


The Extraordinary Congress of the European Table Tennis Union was held today in Acappella Hotel in Kuala Lumpur during the Perfect 2016 World Team Championships. There were no decision taken, but in very constructive atmosphere and Executive Board members updated the members of the latest development and projects in progress.


President KRAMER reflected on past period.


“Relations with ITTF , IOC, national associations and other Continents, sponsors, suppliers… have been restored since 2013 when the new Executive Board started to work. Within ETTU we have excellent relations with our members, with referees, umpires and players; finances are much better and the overall atmosphere is very good.”


ETTU Deputy Vice-President Ivo Goran MUNIVRANA presented the report of the ETTU Development program. In 2014 players from 25 countries participated; 11 players at age 11-12 have been selected; team of Europe had very successful appearance at the ITTF World Cadet Challenge in Barbados. In 2015 the number of countries extended to 32 and 427 players have been evaluated; nine of them have been selected to Eurotalents program. The team of Europe won nine medals, two of them gold, at the World Junior Championships. Last year 4 coached attended the camps and received additional education; Regional University Educational Program for coaches and players started in Split University with 12 students enrolled.

ETTU Vice-President Heike AHLERT updated the delegates with the European Championships 2017 Team Qualification system details. New moment is that the host of the Championships could be one of the qualifiers and in that case the men and women teams of the host association will not play the qualifications. In this special case a substitute will replace the host association.


Also the hosts for the Challenge Qualification Division are Wales for Men’s Group L with Ireland, Norway, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Iceland and Wales. Luxembourg will host two Groups: Men’s Group K with Luxembourg, Scotland, Malta, Montenegro, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina; Women’s Group L with Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Albania.


ETTU Secretary General Richard SCRUTON informed the present delegates about few novelties from the club competition. As a part of the report, members learned that TTCLM Management Board was established with 6 members, two from ETTU Nikolas ENDAL (Vice-President) and Pierre KASS (Deputy Secretary General), two from tsmg Philipp MÖHRING (Head of Sponsorships) and Bianka STAK (Manager Media Projects) and two representatives from the TTCLM clubs Loic BRÉHU (Chartres ASTT - FRA) and Andreas PREUSS (Borussia Düsseldorf - GER).

In the season 2016-2017 we will introduce the mid week dates for all TTCLM matches. In addition the club licences will be established. That will be the guarantee that everybody will follow the regulations.




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