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Champions League Women - 11 Mar 2016

ECLW semi-finals: Advantage to visitors

Photo: Courtesy Zamek Tarnobrzeg

First semi-final matches was held tonight in Austria and Spain: Linz – Berlin 2:3, Cartagena – Zamek 1:3


Visitors won first semi-final matches of the 2015/16 ECLW, which were held tonight in Austria and Spain: Linz AG Froschberg – TTC Berlin Eastside 2:3, UCAM Cartagena – KTS SPAR-Zamek Tarnobrzeg 1:3.


The clash between two ECLW champions was very intense from the begining. Linz led twice in front of its fans at the Sportpark Lissfed Hall, as LIU Jia beat Georgina POTA in the opener and Iveta VACENOVSKA overcame Petrissa SOLJA in the third encounter. SHAN Xiaona has kept her side on the right course, providing two points against Sofia POLCANOVA and LIU Jia respectively.


After third match it looked like host side has better chance to win, bearing in mind that Iveta VACENOVSKA defeated the best ranked Berlin`s player Petrissa SOLJA (current world`s no. 13). Host moved from 7:9 to 10:9 (13:11) in the fourth set and secured 2:1 lead for Linz.


Decisive encounter belonged to POTA who prevailed against POLCANOVA in four games. Hungarian continued to be an important factor in Berlin`s side, especially when she takes responsibility in the fifth match.


HAN Ying was ruthless in Spain, having twice 3:0 wins, against Ruta PASKAUSKIENE and Iulia NECULA. Cartagena started convincing, as NECULA beat LI Qian in four games, but it was unique point for the host side. Natalia PARTYKA secured third victory for actual ETTU Cup winner Zamek Tarnobrzeg.


Returning games are scheduled for April 1st


ECLW semi-finals (first leg)


Linz AG Froschberg – TTC Berlin Eastside 2:3


LIU Jia – Georgina POTA 3:0 (11:4, 11:8, 11:5)

Sofia POLCANOVA – SHAN Xiaona 1:3 (11:9, 6:11, 10:12, 8:11)

Iveta VACENOVSKA – Petrissa SOLJA 3:1 (9:11, 11:5, 11:7, 13:11)

LIU Jia – SHAN Xiaona 1:3 (7:11, 5:11, 11:8, 2:11)

Sofia POLCANOVA – Georgina POTA 1:3 (9:11, 11:5, 9:11, 8:11)


UCAM Cartagena – KTS SPAR-Zamek Tarnobrzeg 1:3


Iulia NECULA – LI Qian 3:1 (11:9, 12:10, 9:11, 11:7)

Ruta PASKAUSKIENE – HAN Ying 0:3 (7:11, 6:11, 7:11)

WANG Zhipei – Natalia PARTYKA 1:3 (8:11, 8:11, 11:6, 7:11)

Iulia NECULA – HAN Ying 0:3 (9:11, 9:11, 4:11)


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