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Member Associations - 4 Jun 2016

Wales have hosted a massive training camp in Cardiff

Wales have hosted a massive training camp in their Capital city, Cardiff, in a partnership with England, ‎Scotland, Ireland and Norway. The 5 day camp has an extremely intense training plan‎ with the focus on power and movement combined with shot selection and the ability to think for yourself.


" A psychology session has been put into the plan with various fitness sessions, testing the players motivations and resolve .There were 26 players from England, four from Norway, six from Scotland, 6six from Ireland and 16 from Wales," added Head Coach Ryan JENKINS.


Coaches: Ryan JENKINS (Wales), Stephen JENKINS (Wales), Nick JARVIS (England), Alan COOKE (England), Gundars RUSIS (Norway), Pete LUGTON (Scotland), Judith WHITTON (Wales), Marcus GUSTAFSON (England), Conn HIGGINS (Ireland), Greg PRICE (Wales), Matjaz SERCER (England), Matt STANFORTH (England).

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