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Other Events - 10 Jun 2016

ITTF Working Group Concludes Meeting on Format & Structure of Future Major Events

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ITTF looks into the format & structure of future major events with Deloitte's Sports Business Group


The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) major events working group has concluded its second meeting to study the structure and format of the ITTF's future major events.


The two day meeting held in Singapore was facilitated by Deloitte’s Sports Business Group, which is assisting the working group to analyse the ITTF’s current event structure and make recommendations on how to improve the ITTF’s major events to achieve key goals.


At the conclusion of the meeting, the leader of the group, ITTF Vice President SHI Zhihao stated: “The past two days we had extremely fruitful discussions with my ITTF colleagues with the help of Deloitte. We are on the way on solving the issues of our major events and make the changes to grow all our events.”


The ITTF major events working group, led my Mr SHI is made up of the six Continental Presidents, ITTF Athletes Commission representative, ITTF Deputy CEO, ITTF Competitions Direction and the ITTF Marketing Director.


The major events working group will have to come up with a proposal to the ITTF Executive Committee by the end of this year on the concept and direction the ITTF wishes to take.


The next meeting of the major events working group will take place during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

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