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Other Events - 14 Jun 2016

ITTF Super Series continues in Japan

Photo: ITTF

ITTF 2016 World Tour Japan Open, a Super Series tournament, to be held in the country's capital city of Tokyo, commencing on Wednesday 15th June and concluding four days later on Sunday 19th June. The tournament gathered top names from Japan and China, and few top guns from Europe.


Topping the seedeing list are MA Long, FAN Zhendong, XU Xin and ZHANG Jike, all from China. Best host player Jun MIZUTANI occupies seeding position no. five, whilst the best European on duty in Japan will be Vladimir SAMSONOV of Belarus, sedded no. eight. In Tokyo will also play Marcos FREITAS and Tiago APOLONIA of Portugal, Andrej GACINA of Croatia, Alexander SHIBAEV of Russia, Stefan FEGERL of Austria, Simon GAUZY of France, Kristian KARLSSON of Sweden…


LIU Shiwen, DING Ning, ZHU Yuling of China, are the top names in the Women’s Singles Event. Kasumi ISHIKAWA is seeded no. four on home soil, whilst HAN Ying of Germany is the only European player in top 10, at position no. eight. SHAN Xiaona of Germany is also on duty in Japan, with HU Melek of Turkey, LI Qian of Poland, LIU Jia of Austria, YU Fu of Portugal and Elizabeta SAMARA of Romania…


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