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Development - 8 Jun 2016

European young stars gathered in Romania

Eurotalents Development Camp U-18 (Buzau, 4th-10th of June 2016)


Only day after Women Coachin Seminar concluded ETTU in Werner Schlager Academy in Austria Development Manager Neven CEGNAR moved to Romania to start the Eurotalents Development Camp U-18. It is the new Project, which will reach the full swing from the beginning of 2017.


On the premiere, the pearls of European youth: Medardas STANKEVICIUS of Lithuania, Malte MOREGARD of Sweden, Christian PLETEA, Rares SIPOS, Adina Diaconu and Andreaa DRAGOMAN of Romania works in Buzau. Head coach is Andres JOHANSSON assisted by CEGNAR, Andrei Filimon, Petre ARNAUTU and Madalin IONESCU.


There is another training camp planned for the U 18 players by the end of 2016.


“We reached the general agreement with Japan Table Tennis Association to hold one camp at the National Training Center in Tokyo ," revealed CEGNAR.


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