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Champions League Women - 22 Jun 2016

ECL Women 2016/17 – 12 clubs announced

Photo: Ronny Pabst

Reigning champion TTC BERLIN EASTSIDE E.V. again tops the ECLW seedings


The seeding list for the 2016/17 European Champions League Women is announced, involving again 12 clubs in four groups. The draw will take place in Zagreb at the European Youth Championships on the 10th July.


The finalists from the previous season, TTC BERLIN EASTSIDE E.V (Germany) and KTS – TARNOBRZEG (Poland) will be again no. 1 and no. 2 seeds respectively. German side, triple ECLW champion should be considered as huge favorite, bearing in mind that world’s no. 29 Miyu KATO joins four players who finished 2015/16 ECLW with 10-0 score and won Triple Crown last year, Petrissa SOLJA (no. 13), SHAN Xiaona (no. 17), Georgina POTA (no. 40) and Yui HAMAMOTO (no. 41). This is the first time that one club has five players ranked among the best 41 at the ITTF World ranking list.


Polish champion KTS – TARNOBRZEG did one change in its line-up: two times individual European champion Viktoria PAVLOVICH (current world’s no. 57) replaced Natalia PARTYKA.


No. 3 seed UCAM CARTAGENA signed three well known players: world’s no. 15 CHENG I Ching, no. 46 Tetyana BILENKO and no. 51 Matilda EKHOLM. CHENG led FENERBAHCE to the 2013/14 ECLW final, while BILENKO and EKHOLM were SVNO STROCK` members.


BURSA BÜYÜKŞEHİR BELEDİYESPOR finished on the bottom of Group A last year, but this time Turkish club starts as no. 4 seed, having one strong newcomer from Singapore, world’s no. 16 YU Mengyu. HU Melek (no. 22) and Alexandra PRIVALOVA are other two names in the line-up.


Elizabeta SAMARA (no. 30) moved from Turkey to France. Actual individual European champion is a new member of METZ TT.


Double ECLW winner LINZ AG FROSCHBERG has changed its squad and this time occupies no. 8 at the seeding list. LIU Jia and Sofia POLCANOVA stayed as two best players in the line-up of 2009 and 2013 ECLW champion.


Seeding list of 2016/17 TTCLM has two newcomers, no. 9 ALCL TT GRAND QUEVILLY from France and no. 12 TUS BAD DRIBURG from Germany.


Upcoming season gathered 19 players among the Top 50 ITTF World Ranking. They are: HAN Ying (no. 9, KTS – TARNOBRZEG), Petrissa SOLJA (no. 13, TTC BERLIN EASTSIDE E.V.), CHENG I Cheng (no. 15, UCAM CARTAGENA), YU Mengyu (no. 16, BURSA BÜYÜKŞEHİR BELEDİYESPOR), SHAN Xiaona (no. 17, TTC BERLIN EASTSIDE E.V.), HU Melek (no. 22, BURSA BÜYÜKŞEHİR BELEDİYESPOR), LI Jiao (no. 25, POSTAS SPORT EGYESÜLET), LI Qian (no. 26, KTS – TARNOBRZEG), LIU Jia (no. 27, LINZ AG FROSCHBERG), Miyu KATO (no. 29, TTC BERLIN EASTSIDE E.V.), Elizabeta SAMARA (no. 30, METZ TT), Polina MIKHAILOVA (no. 34, SZEKSZARD AC), FU Yu (no. 35, METZ TT), ZENG Jian (no. 36, TT SAINT QUENTIN), Georgina POTA (no. 40, TTC BERLIN EASTSIDE E.V.), Yui HAMAMOTO (no. 41, TTC BERLIN EASTSIDE E.V.), LI Fen (no. 45, ALCL TT GRAND QUEVILLY), Tetyana BILENKO (no. 46, UCAM CARTAGENA), Matilda EKHOLM (no. 49, UCAM CARTAGENA).


ECCW 2016-2017 Seeding List


1 TTC BERLIN EASTSIDE E.V. (GER)                        8495

2 KTS – TARNOBRZEG (POL)                                 8303

3 UCAM CARTAGENA (ESP)                                   8101


5 METZ TT (FRA)                                                 7805

6 TT SAINT QUENTIN (FRA)                                  7561

7 SZEKSZARD AC (HUN)                                       7466

8 LINZ AG FROSCHBERG (AUT)                             7460

9 ALCL TT GRAND QUEVILLY (FRA)                         7139

10 POSTAS SPORT EGYESÜLET (HUN)                    6951

11 SKST STAVOIMPEX HODONIN (CZE)                   6792

12 TUS BAD DRIBURG (GER)                                 6625


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