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Champions League Men - 3 Jun 2016

Christian ADAM: Our players demonstrated a will and mental strength


Coach of AS Pontoise Cergy explains what was the crucial to win the double crown in the 2015/16 season and how his side managed to recover after 3:1 defeat in the first final leg of TTCLM


French club As Pontoise Cergy won its very first TTCLM crown two years ago, first ProA League title they took last season, but the biggest success in the club`s history came last month when Marcos FREITAS, Kristian KARLSSON, Tristan FLORE and WANG Jian Jun secured first double crown, winning both, TTCLM and ProA.


Returning final leg of 2015/16 TTCLM was one of most thrilling endings of that competition in last ten years, as Pontoise defeated Eslovs thanks to better set-ratio. Each team won his home game 3:1, but French champion had one set more in total (15:14). Pontoise`s Coach Christian ADAM speaks about that clash, commenting also entire 2015/16 season…


How do you comment returning TTCLM final leg?

After our defeat 1:3 on the first leg, we had to react and take some risks in order to win the second leg. Change of tactic was essential and we have succeeded, even if the scenario was not the one we thought.


What did you say to Tristan FLORE after his amazing play?

Of course, Tristan Flore has been the "hero" of this event with his two victories, but it is all the team who is to be congratulated for this great victory.


What was the key for entire season to take all titles (French ProA League and TTCLM)?

We managed a historic double: French champions and winners of Champions League the same season! Our players have been outstanding throughout the season and have demonstrated a will and mental strength! Everyone knew how and when to raise his level of play and bring the little extra needed when a teammate was in trouble or less competitive.


What do you think about 2015/16 TTCLM season in general?

TTCLM is becoming stronger every season and it's a great performance of our team to have eliminated great clubs such as Borussia Dusseldorf in quarter final, Fakel Gazprom Orenburg in semi final and the winner of ETTU Cup 2015, the Swedish club Eslov in final. Generally, the TTCLM, this season, had many great clubs. We can, however, regret that due to lack of economic means, many countries are not represented. Moreover, the fact that there are more and more expenses and charges for clubs, with no prize money which come to reward the participating teams, that it becomes more and more difficult for clubs to join this TTCLM and if this remains so, I'm worried about the future of this great competition.


What about Pontoise aims in the next season and team`s line-up?

For next season, our team will be changed due to the departure of WANG Jian Jun (going back to China) and Kristian KARLSSON (going to Borussia Dusseldorf). But we think we are still competitive with the arrival of Mattias KARLSSON and a 4th one with who we are in touch at the moment.


What do you expect from European players and teams at 2016 Olympics?

About Olympic Games in Rio, it is a great honor and pride for our club to have three players qualified for this major event worldwide. As usual, we shall support them all the time and follow their results, with a special attention for Tristan who will play by team with French national team. It will be his first Olympic Games and we hope that this young national French team will create a good surprise on that occasion!

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