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Development - 6 Jun 2016

BATORFI and BOROS joined forces to spread their priceless practical experience

ETTU - ITTF Women Coaching Seminar WSA, Schwechat 3rd – 5th of June 2016

Organized by ETTU Development Program and led by ETTU Deputy President Ivo-Goran MUNIVRANA and Neven CEGNAR, ETTU Development Manager, Women Coaches Seminar was held last weekend. The organization was executed in close cooperation with WSA.


The main lecturers were Csilla BATORFI and Tamara BOROS who delivered their priceless practical experience and theoretical knowledge about service and backhand topspin.


"We’ve had 13 female coaches from 8 countries attending WCS in Schwechat . Our main task was to use all players experience and coaching knowledge and skills of Csilla and Tamara to encourage our female coaches to reflect on two significant subjects in table tennis ,the service and backhand topspin in all variations," explained CEGNAR.


Coaches have had the opportunity to hear many of the theoretical advices with the practical presentation of numerous exercises (more than 40) in terms of learning, technical improvement and method of technical correction of those two mentioned technical elements.


"I express my particular pleasure as our three-day coaching seminar took place in a fantastic constructive atmosphere, and the modification of the common experiences of all those present coaches" added CEGNAR.


At the end of last session of lectures all present coaches were awarded with appropriate certificates of participation in the WCS.



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