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Member Associations - 23 Jun 2016

6th table tennis open championship in memory of Brone BALAISIENE in Vilnius

17-19th of June Lithuania capital Vilnius hosted 6th Lithuanian Cadet & Mini Cadet Open in memory of Lithuanian coach Brone BALAISIENE. Traditionally held in the middle of June, tournament was very successful and gathered participants from 11 countries: England, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Israel, Sweden, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Table tennis players competed in team and single events in U-15 and U-12 age category.


Lithuanian table tennis association president Rimgaudas BALAISA is glad that the international tournament in honor of his mother, table tennis coach Brone BALAISIENE every year attracts more and more strong players from Europe:


 “Certainly, that raises the level of the tournament. This year we received a lot of compliments from countries such as England, Israel, Czech Republic and other delegations on a very high level of the tournament both regarding organizational aspects and hospitality and also strong players in all the events, - said Rimgaudas BALAISA.


The tournament in memory of one of the best table tennis coaches of Lithuania of all the time Brone BALAISIENE, for the first time was held in 1986. It had participants only from Vilnius. Later it was organized nationally and since 2012 Lithuanian table tennis association organizes international cadet and mini cadet open championship.


By Secretary General Kristina JUKNYTE





Cadet girls team event


1st place Ukraine-1 (Veronika PEREBEINOS, Oleksandra TSUIPKO)

2nd place Ukraine – 2 (Yaroslava PRYKHODKO, Anastasiya YEPIFANTSEVA)

3rd place Lithuania – 1 (Kornelija  RILISKYTE, Emilija RILISKYTE),  England (Denise  PAYET, Charlotte BARDSLEY)


Cadet boys team event


1st place Ukraine-1 (Volodymyr LUSHNIKOV, ANTON LIMONOV)

2nd place England-1 (SMITH JAMES, DAI HARRY)

3rd place Israel- 1 (Karamazin YANIV, Amit GOREN),  Russia-2 (Nikita TIMOVEEV, Andrei LATCYNA)


Mini cadet girls team event


1st place Russia-3 (Karina IUSUPOVA, Daria GRIGOREVA)

2nd place Russia-4 (Ekaterina MAKSIMOVA, Ksenia VALOVAA)

3rd place Russia – 1 (Anastasia KAVRIGINA, Svetlana DVITRIENKO),  Russia-2 (Vasilisa DANILOVA, Sofia KNIAZEVA)


Mini cadet boys team event


1st place Russia – 1 (Mikhail BREDNIKOV, Vladislav BANNIKOV)

2nd place England-Russia (Alexey PERFILYEV, Jamie LIU)

3rd place Russia – 3 (Aleksandr  CHERNOKNIZHNIKOV, Roman VINOGRADOV), Russia – 2 (Miron VASILJEV, Vsevolod IDIN)


Cadet girls single event


1st place Veronika PEREBEINOS (UKR)

2nd place Oleksandra TSIUPKO (UKR)

3rd place Anna MIKLUKHA (UKR), Denise PAYET (ENG)


Cadet boys single event


1st place Volodymyr LUSHNIKOV (UKR)

2nd place Shayan SIRAJ (ENG)

3rd place Anton LIMONOV (UKR), Stanislav STROGOV (UKR)


Mini cadet girls single event


1st place Daria GRIGOREVA (RUS)

2nd place Kseniia VALOVA (RUS)

3rd place Ruby CHAN (ENG), Sofia KNIAZEVA (RUS)


Mini cadet boys single event


1st place Sergei RYZHOV (RUS)

2nd place Denis IZUMRUDOV (RUS)

3rd place Jamie LIU (ENG), Miron VASILJEV (RUS)




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