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European Youth Championships - 13 Jul 2016

Sergei BRUZIN enriched his treasury with another gold

Photo: Robert Valai

Cadet Girls Teams Event


Coach Sergei BRUZIN has a new addition in his already rich treasury. He led the team of Russia to another gold at the European Youth Championships in Zagreb. After 22 years on duty BRUZIN was on the bench in 19 occasions when his cadets and juniors had won the medals – six gold, six silver and seven bronze.


In Zagreb his team repeated the success from Bratislava last year and clinched the top position on medal rostrum.


“We had a very tough group. We had to play against Germany and Ukraine. When we exited the Group, the life become even harder. In the Round of 16 we met Azerbaijan with the players originally coming from China. We already had a chance to play against him during the training camp in China. They beat us in June, so we were cautious,” explained BRUZIN.


Despite Azerbaijan’s quality, the duel concluded in straight matches.


“I think our team spirit prevailed. We were more motivated and focused. We wanted to win more.”


Hungary was next in line- with another straight matches win on Russia account.


“In the semi final Romania’s Tania PLAIAN was the player we had to stop and Kristina KAZANTSEVA did a great job. She beat her 3:0 to secure very valuable victory.”


On the other side of the net, in the battle for gold, Russia met Poland. Kristina KAZANTSEVA and Anna WEGRZYN were worthy opponents.


“Those two sisters feel the ball very well. Last year in the match for medal in doubles event they overcame our players. After such experience we were cautious and we talk a lot to prepare girls for the duel. Every game in the final was close, but Poland was always behind. Our girls attacked, they put more power into the game.”


Top two players in the team are Kristina KAZANTSEVA and Anastasia KOLISH, the same due who was on duty last year, when team won gold.


“Anastasia can play good backhand and forehand, but she needs to come closer to the table and she had to be more active and to play more contemporary table tennis. Sometimes she gets to emotional. When she learned to control her negative emotions she will be more successful.”


Speaking about KAZANTSEVA coach BRUZIN said. ”Kristina had a difficult start. In the match against Germany she struggled against Sophia KLEE, but her spirit was high. She did not let that defeat affect her game in next matches. As the event progressed she played better and better and all her wins were very comfortable. Her performance against Poland was brilliant.”


Coach BRUZIN underlined that he is extremely proud of the girls’ performance and results.


“For so many years I am involved in the work with the national team. It brings me enormous joy and happiness. I hope they will all continue in the same pace and with the same success as seniors. For certain, they have the quality for that,” stated Sergei BRUZIN.


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