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Other Events - 27 Jul 2016

SCHILTIGHEIM the place -to -be for the young players

EuroMinichamp August, 26th to 28th 2016


Like the « Petits As » tournament in tennis, the French Table Tennis Association offers an individual European event on the last weekend of August for the very young players (boys and girls born in 2004 and 2005 for the twelfth edition in 2016).


The choice of Schiltigheim and the Strasbourg Euro Metropole is symbolic and interesting because of its geographic location for a lot of countries, and its assets relative to the access facilities and the welcome’s possibilities. The event takes place in the Gymnasiums of Malteries and Leclerc in SCHILTIGHEIM on 60 tables. The accommodation of the participants is exclusively in the hotels of the Euro Metropole (players, leaders, officials, coaches, and accompanying persons).


“The Federation, 16 years ago, has launched an important detection program towards the very young children in order to train top level players. The current results of our young elite seem to show that we are on the right way. The Euro Mini Champ’s fully play their role in this renewal since the best current European players, under 15, which include numerous French, have already participated successfully and won one edition in this event,” explained Thierry WICK, Coordinator of the Euro Mini Champ's communication.


Under the auspices of the French Table Tennis Association, the European countries are “invited” to participate according to the methods fixed by specific regulations. More than 30 European nations are regularly waited and the French Table Tennis Association is able to have “surprise” guests like it was the case for the Chinese delegations or for the ITTF in the past years. Extra individual registrations are also possible, but they are only reserved to the French players.


Almost 400 participants who are accompanied by trainers and often by their parents will come to Alsace. An original option allows each participant to play numerous games and to be associated all along these three days at this big sport celebration.






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