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European Youth Championships - 16 Jul 2016

Junior Mixed Doubles title for KHANIN and TRIGOLOS

Photo: Robert Valai

European Youth Championships


The duel between bronze medal winners from Ostrva 2014 and bronze medal winners from Bratislava 2015 ended with the victory of the pairings who won medal last year. Aliaksandr KHANIN and Daria TRIGOLOS of Belrus clinched the gold In the Junior Mixed Doubles Events at the European Youth Championships in Zagreb.


In the final they overcame Tomas POLANSKY of Czech Republic and Tin Tin Ho of England.


“We lost the opening game and we were down 3:5 in second. We had to change something, so we started to play with less risk. It paid off,” said KHANIN.


The duel of the semi final was more difficult for winners.


“After we beat Darko JORGIC and Tamara PAVCNIK of Slovenia we were sure we can win the Event,” said TRIGOLOS.


Tomas POLANSKY and Tin Tin Ho were on express line in the semi final. In two opening games Thomas GRININGER, Karoline MISCHEK of Austria won only 10 points and it was only the third set when we saw some action on the table.


“I had a difficult day yesterday and on top of all the first match of the day is always hard. However, we managed to stay focus and to win,” said POLANSKY who celebrated his birthday today.


Only in third game winning pairings was challenged.


“They started to play better, but we responded,” said Tin Tin Ho.


Aliaksandr KHANIN and Daria TRIGOLOS needed four games to beat Darko JORGIC and Tamara PAVCNIK of Slovenia in second semi final.


“We are playing for three years together and it is good to have experience in big matches. Last year we won bronze, so we were not under severe pressure. We knew how to play important matches. The key to this win was brilliant performance of Daria. She was absolutely perfect today. I was good yesterday, but this was her morning” said KHANIN.


TRIGOLOS laughed:


“We already won bronze and it took all pressure on me. I felt good.”




Junior Mixed Doubles




Tomas POLANSKY (Czech Republic), Tin Tin HO - (England) Aliaksandr KHANIN, Daria TRIGOLOS (Belarus) 1:3 (11:5, 11:13, 5:11, 5:11)


Semi Final


Darko JORGIC, Tamara PAVCNIK (Slovenia) -Aliaksandr KHANIN, Daria TRIGOLOS (Belarus) 1:3 (6:11,3:11, 11:6, 7:11)

Thomas GRININGER, Karoline MISCHEK (Austria) -Tomas POLANSKY (Czech Republic), Tin Tin HO (England) 0:3 (5:11, 5:11, 11:13)

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