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European Youth Championships - 9 Jul 2016

Czech Republic seized the opportunity

Photo: Robert Valai

European Youth Championships


Last year’s gold medalist, team of Russia cruised through the first stage of the Cadet Girls Team’s Event at the European Youth Championships in Zagreb. They overcame Germany, Italy and finally Ukraine today to secure the top spot in Group A.


“As the tournament progressed I am playing better and better. We feel confident, but we are ware there will be no easy rounds any more. Not that we must watch on usual suspects, but here we have a very strong team of Azerbaijan with the players born in China. They are really strong and fast. Last time we met they beat us,” said Kristina KAZANTSEVA.


Germany finished second and Ukraine and Italy are third and fourth.


Poland succeeded in all three matches with 3:0. They beat Belgium Hungary and Belarus. Hungary upset the rankings; beat Belgium to secure second spot.


In Group C, France needed more then two hours to beat Sweden. In the decisive match Cammile LUTZ withstood spirited comeback from Alma ROOSE to win the duel by narrow 9:11 in fifth game.


“I was prepared well for the match. In the fifth game I do not fell I can loose despite the result. I hope we will win the medal here.” Said LUTZ.


In Group D, top seeds, Slovakia failed to post a single victory. They lost against Serbia, Czech Republic and finally today against Slovenia.


“We lost only against Czech Republic. Zdena BLASKOVA played very well here,” said Katarina STRAZAR.


All the teams seized the opportunity occurred when LOBOSOVA, top player from Slovakia’s team did not come, so the outcome of the first stage did not came as a surprise. Czech Republic clinched the top place; Slovenia is second followed by Serbia.


“When I saw who is here and who is absent, I was sure my team should win the top position. For me it will be disappointment if it was differently. However, the top place in the group does not mean I am happy with the game. There is a lot of space for improvement. Especially, I think BLASKOVA could play much better. I hope we will reach better level of play in next rounds,” said Czech coach Tomas VRNAK.


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