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European Youth Championships - 7 Jul 2016

Coming back to the essence in Zagreb

European Youth Championships


On behalf of organizers, Croatia TTA and European Table Tennis Union, ETTU Deputy President Ivo Goran MUNIVRANA welcomed guests at the first press conference held in the eve of the 59th European Youth Championships in Zagreb. In the venue familiar already with the biggest table tennis events, in next 11 days, the youngsters will fight for the titles in team and individual events.


“The future of Continental table tennis is gathered here. Seniors are always under the spotlight, but the very foundation, the essence of our sport is here. If you can not make it as a cadet or junior, there is a slim chance you will be successful latter,” explained ETTU Deputy President Ivo Goran MUNIVRANA.


ETTU Secretary General Richard SCRUTON expressed his satisfaction with the playing conditions and hospitality.


“We must thank Croatia TTA for the good work they have done in preparation for the Championships. I was here during the World and European Championships earlier this century; this venue is an established table tennis venue and we were very happy to have such facility for our Championships. Croatia TTA delivers everything we require and we are very satisfied.”


However, hosts were very cautious speaking about the chances for the national teams.


“We are in very difficult situations. The base narrowed and we are not able to produce the result everybody used of. Unlike previous years, now we have to wait for a while before very good generation of players born 2003 matures. There are good kids but they still very young,” explained Neven KARKOVIC.


The couch of the women’s team has similar problems.


“All of them, beside Klara CAKOL, are very young without great experience. They already beat some Top 10 players, but they still need persistence,” explained Nikola VUKELJA.


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