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European Youth Championships - 2 Jul 2016

Adina DIACONU ready for the big challenge

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European Youth Championships in Zagreb


Top name at the latest European junior rankings, defending champion in Junior Girls event at the European Youth Championships and a member of defending champions, team of Romania, Adina DIACONU is coming to Zagreb slightly injured, but still full of confidence. Adina’s name is at the list of the main favorites for the titles in all junior’s events.


Counting only titles, DIACONU already collected 10 gold medals; in girls doubles 2012 in Austria, singles, doubles and team’s events 2013 in Czech Republic, doubles, mixed and team’s events in 2014 in Italy and gold in singles and team’s last year in Bratislava.


Right now, Romaninan team is in Buzau on their final preparations.


“We started our final training on June 28th and we will be in the camp until 5th of July. I feel a little pain in my arm for five days, so I do not practice very hard. However, I know I will be all right before the start of the competition. I am prepared well for everything. Mentally I am very strong, I am looking forward the competition,” said Adina DIACONU “cought” between two training in the camp.


Period between two European Youth Championships were very busy for young Romanian star and she was not busy only with duty in youth team. DIACONU already left her mark in the senior team. Asked about most important moments in previous 12 months Adina answered:


“I will remember the previous period by invitation to be part of the national team at the European Championships in Russia where we won silver medal. At the Junior World Championships in France I won bronze in team’s Event and I repeated the same success at the Junior Grand Final. However, the biggest surprise was the invitation that I received for the senior World Championships in Malaysia. It was great experience for me and big foundation for the future,” said DIACONU.


How you can use that experience in Zagreb?


“Being part of the senior’s team helps me very much. By playing against seniors I got more experience but the game is very different and when I play against my age adversaries I have to adjust my game to different style.”


Do you feel more pressure being with older playmates?


“Since I am the youngest everybody take care of me and teach me small secrets. I feel protected. In junior’s category is different. I am main target, everyone wants to beat me, I can not relax at any point.”


Who is your main challenger?


“French team has very dangerous players: Marie MIGOT, Audry ZARIF…There is also my teammate Andreea DRAGOMAN, Belarus TRIGOLOS, Russia’s TAYLAKOVA, MALANINA….the list is very long”


Romania, will meet Belarus, Czech Republic and Bulgaria in team’s Event.


“It will not be easy to maintain top spot in the Group. Belarus has very strong team, but last time we beat them 3:1 in Czech Republic. It was very close duel despite final result. They have very good players with defending style of play and one left-hand player with pimples. We will use match against Bulgaria to adjust to the conditions in the tournament and to feel the venue. Against Czech Republic we won last time 3:1 this year in Poland.”


The competition at the European Youth Championships starts on Friday 8th July.

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