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Other Events - 10 Jan 2016

TTC Berlin Eastside clinched the title in Women's German Cup

Photo: ttc berlin eastside e.V. Facebook page

The TTC Berlin Eastside won the German Cup. After a furious comeback in the semi-final against SV DJK Kolbermoor, the German champions had less problems in the final against TUSEM - 3:0.

They have been seriously tested in the semi final, but did not fall, and for the third year in a row lift the trophy into the air. The TTC Berlin Eastside won the German Cup for the third time in series after another re-play of the National Cup. The Berliners showed, especially in the semi-final against Kolbermoor, why they are the women's top team in Germany.

Petrissa SOLJA, SHAN Xiaona and Georgina POTA recovered from the 0:2 in reverse in the semis to win the match in front of 500 spectators in the Sports Hall Hannover-Misburg.

Final Four


ttc berlin eastside - TUSEM Essen 3:0
Petrissa SOLJA - Alena LEMMER 3:0 (5,8,4)
SHAN Xiaona - Barbora BALAZOVA 3:1 (-6,9,8,9)
Georgina POTA - Nadine BOLLMEIER 3:1 (6,-9,3,7)


ttc berlin eastside – SV DJK Kolbermoor 3:2
Petrissa SOLJA - Sabine WINTER 1:3 (7,-11,-12,-6)
SHAN Xiaona - Kristin SILBEREISEN 1:3 (-8,10,-9,-9)
Georgina POTA - Wenling TAN-MONFARDINI 3:2 (5,7,-6,-7,9)
Petrissa SOLJA - Kristin SILBEREISEN 3:1 (7,8,-9,6)
SHAN Xiaona - Sabine WINTER 3:0 (7,7,6)

TUSEM Essen – TTV Hövelhof 3:1
Barbora BALAZOVA - Svetlana GANINA 1:3 (-5,-8,9,-8)
Alena LEMMER - WANG Aimei 3:2 (-10,8,-5,10,8)
Nadine BOLLMEIER - Yvonne KAISER 3:1 (9,-5,6,5)
Barbora BALAZOVA - WANG Aimei 3:1 (10,3,-9,9)

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