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Other Events - 8 Jan 2016

Timo BOLL is back in action

Photo: BeLa Sportfoto

After the break German player will join his club mates for LIEBHERR Cup final


After a long break Timo BOLL (34) is back in action, but he does not see his team at LIEBHERR Cup final as favorites. Is his return enough for Borussia Dusseldorf to clinch the title on January 9th is yet to be seen.


In the exclusive interview, the top player from Borussia Dusseldorf talked about his current form, the semi-final opponents, and his goals in the New Year.


After knee injury and surgery BOLL waited for weeks until he only recently returned to the table.


“The break has been very long for me. However, the body needs the pause after a surgery. Now, I can play at a solid level again. Until I'm back to 100 percent, it will still take a while. I need to be patient,” explained BOLL.


Borussia had ups and downs this season.


“ It is not a new situation for Borussia. In the past few years we were constantly shaken by serious injuries. It started with Christian SUSS and ends now with my story. We will handle it in the best possible way and I hope we will reach the highest level at the end. Now we are back on track. Should it be enough to reach the title at the Final Four, is really an interesting question. The positions are different for us than in previous years, but we are able to win the title. Favorites… I think we are not currently.


If the team succeeded in Ulm, it will be the seventh trophy for them.


“I like this atmosfere around the Cup. The Arena in Ulm is great. We played there against Ochsenhausen.”

In the semi finals, they will meet TTC Schwalbe Bergneustadt.


“ That's a good young team, dangerous and very balanced in any case. They also struggling with their shape, but we have not reach the level to allow any carelessness!”


2016 is the year of the team's World Championships in Kuala Lumpur and of course the Olympic Games in Rio. What are your goals for these two major events?


“ I am a perfectionist in table tennis and try get the best out me within my means for these two climax. It's always a balancing act: how hard you look stressed, without running the risk of getting hurt. This is not easy to weigh and evaluate. Even after almost 20 years of professional sports!

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