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ETTU Cup Women - 14 Jan 2016

The duel of well known adversaries in Czech Republic

ETTU Cup Women


In the Women’s ETTU Cup quarterfinal the battles commences in Czech Republic. Match SKST Mart Hodonin vs. Postas Sport Egyesulet will kick start the round on Friday. Duel between ALCL TT Grand-Quevilly and Szekszard AC will follow, whilst CTT Balaguer Villart Logistic vs. Bursa Büyükşehir Belediyespor and TTC Kazan vs. CP Lyssois Lille Metropole are scheduled for Saturday.


SKST Mart Hodonin and Postas Sport Egyesulet players know each other very well.


“We have played several times against Postas and in the last match we won the Super league semi final but it was very difficult. We have a great respect for the team from Budapest and we estimate our chance on 50/50,” said SKST Hodonín Sportmanager Milan KURKA.


Sportmanager KURKA reflected on first part of the season.


“Regarding the result in this season, we are satisfied. We hold the first position in the Czech league and we fulfilled our plan in ETTU Cup to reach at least the quarter final. At this stage, we believe that our players are very well prepared for match and we hope for victory on Friday against Hungarian club.”


On the opposite side Postás President Gábor ROSTÁS also believes in his team.


“In the past we had many games against each others, in the Regional league, in the Super League, and we won all games. We suffered defeat only in one occasion, last year in semifinal of the Regional competition.”


The club concluded the first part of the European Champions League at position no. three in their Group.


“In the Champions League we achieved the third place in accordance with the reality; we are in first place in the National League, leveled with team of Budaörs.”


What is your goal in ETTU Cup?


“Our ultimate goal is to reach the final.”


CTT Balaguer Villart Logistic will meet Bursa Büyükşehir Belediyespor.


“The match we will play at home with Bursa will be very difficult. It's a very strong team, with players better in rankings than ours, and with a player of the caliber such as HU Melek, 23th on ITTF world ranking. We never played before against them. We know they finished third in Champions League group while we progressed from the qualification stages of the ETTU Cup. However, we have a team that already caused few upsets and we hope to live up to the occasion,” said Anna BISCARRI.


CTT Balaguer Villart Logistic had perfect season so far.


“The first part of the season in National league have been very good, the best in our history. We are leaders, ahead of UCAM Cartagena, who we beat on their home soil, and now they have been playing Champions League Quarter Finals… Moreover, our first part of ETTU surprised everyone, including us. Even if we lose in the quarterfinals, we will be very happy for the good results. We have played 3 rounds, 5 matches won; it is something amazing considering that we started only last year to play in ETTU cup.”


Speaking about current shape of the team Anna BISCARRI said.


“Our players are at their best shape in recent years. Only one, me, has been injured for several months and could not give the result quite high, but even so, we have won and we are in fourth round. We hope to overcome this round and move on.”


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