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Champions League Men - 11 Jan 2016

PREUSS: This time Pontoise will be the favourite


Manager of Bourssia Dusseldorf stressed that the title of German Cup give players self-confidence for the difficult match against the 2014 TTCLM winner


Bearing in mind the outcome of the 2015/16 German LIEBHERR Cup final, Borussia Dusseldorf is ready for the first TTCLM quarter-final leg against AS Pontoise Cergy, which will be held this Friday in Dussuldorf (18:30 CET). Timo BOLL & Co. defeated Fulda-Maberzell 3:2 at the Ratiopharm-Arena Ulm to lift 24th times the trophy of German Cup.


„Our success in German Cup last Saturday was gorgeous”, stated Manager Andreas PREUSS. „It was our 65th title and a special one in our situation after months of injuries. This victory will give us self-confidence for the difficult match against Pontoise. The duel against French team in 2015 was unbelievable and very close. This time Pontoise will be the favourite. We had big problems with injuries and therefore our players are not at their highest level yet although we won the Cup. Pontoise won group stage and is number one in French Pro A. The players are very strong.”


Ten times TTCLM champion Borussia and the 2014 winner Pontoise have met in the unforgettable 2014/15 quarterfinals, when German club progressed to the semis thanks to better set-ratio (both teams won 3:1 at home). For sure, Coach Danny HEISTER is satisfied with the recent success in Ulm, but also careful, after all circumstances inside his team in the last four months:


„Everybody knows our situation. Since just three weeks we’ve got four players. So we are at the beginning to practice continuously with our team. Day by day we bring back every player closer to his best level and we hopefully will reach it within the next weeks. Against Pontoise we won’t have 100% achievement potential but we will fight hard to reach the semis to stay in Champions League.”

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