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ETTU Cup Women - 19 Jan 2016

Postas Sport Egyesulet in semis by narrow margin

Photo: Courtesy ITTF

ETTU Cup Women


Just like four days ago, the duel between Postas Sport Egyesulet and SKST Mart Hodinin concluded after full five matches. This time, in the second leg of the quarterfinal of the Women's ETTU Cup Hungarian club was better and thanks to better game ratio progressed to the semi final of the competition.

Postas Sport Egyesulet suffered defeat in the opening leg and after two matches in reverse at home soil it seemed STK Mart Hodonin was in the driving seat. In full distance duel Lenka HARABASZOVA overcame LI JIao, whilst Renata STRBIKOVA beat Mercedesz NAGYVARADI.

Krisztina AMBRUS brought back her club into life after victory over Katerina PENKAVOVA. LI Jiao played another thriller against STRBIKOVA to level the match and Mercedesz NAGYVARADI also needed full five games to overcame Lenka HARABASZOVA.

Postas Sport Egyesulet - SKST Mart Hodinin 3:2

LI Jiao- Lenka HARABASZOVA 2:3 (10:12, 9:11, 11:8, 11:7, 7:11)
Mercedesz NAGYVARADI - Renata STRBIKOVA 1:3 (7:11, 3:11, 11:8, 3:11)
Krisztina AMBRUS -Katerina PENKAVOVA 3:0 (11:5, 11:5, 11:9)
LI Jiao- Renata STRBIKOVA 3:2 (11:8, 13:15, 8:11, 12:10, 11:6)
Mercedesz NAGYVARADI - Lenka HARABASZOVA 3:2 (11:8, 13:15, 8:11, 12:10, 11:6)

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