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Champions League Women - 12 Jan 2016

LIU Jia special promise for the ECLW quarter-finals

Photo: Courtesy Linz AG Froschberg

„Last year I could not win a match against them, it won’t happen again”, emphasized Froschberg`s star speaking about upcoming games against Metz TT


Only three days remain to the first matches of the 2015/15 ECLW, as one of two games scheduled for this Friday is one between Linz AG Froschberg and Metz TT (Linz, January 15th, 17:30 CET). Austrian champion aims its third ECLW title, after 2009 and 2013, while French side is determined to confirm excellent performances from the group stage.


Froschberg`s Manager Robert RENNER hopes that his side is able to progress to the semis:


„I think our chances are 50/50 %. Our players are fit again, some injuries are gone now after the Christmas break. We know Metz very well after the two wins against them in the last year WECL. But again we want to see us as an underdog, because last year we had LI Xiaodan to give us backup in the second match, this time we have to make it again with players that became professional players in Linz. If we win, it would count more than last year, because of this fact. It’s a season that has the power to convince us, if we can make it also in WECL with Austrian/LINZ players in the future, the next girl we want to bring to the top is Karoline MISCHEK (AUT), who is already living in LINZ full time...”


The 2005 individual European champion LIU Jia has a special promise for the 2015/16 quarter-final…


"I really want to win against Metz, to get the chance for revenge at the semis against Berlin. Last year I could not win a match against them, it won’t happen again"


Other three first leg matches are:  TT Saint-Quentin – UCAM Cartagena (Jan 15, 19:30 CET), Fenerbahce – Zamek Tarnobrzeg (Jan 18, 16:30 CET), SVNO STROCK – Berlin Eastside (Jan 18, 19:00 CET).

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