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Champions League Women - 15 Feb 2016

Perfect 20-0 score of TTC Berlin Eastside

Photo: Courtesy TTC Berlin Eastside

German club stays unbeaten in all competitions in the 2015/16 season


TTC Berlin Eastside improved its 2015/16 score to 20-0 after the 10th round of Women`s Bundesliga, against Leutzscher Fuchse two days ago. Irina PALINA`s side now has 10-0 (60:11) in domestic league, 4-0 (12:3) in German Cup (they lifted the trophy five weeks ago) and 6-0 (18:3) in ECLW. SHAN Xiaona, Petrissa SOLJA and Georgina POTA will play next month in the ECLW semi-final against Linz AG Froschberg, fighting for their third ECLW title.


“Of course we would like to reach the finals and compete for the championship. But despite the fact that we are seeding on first number, I think all of the semi-final teams have an equal chance of winning. The 2015/2016 Champions League with 12 teams became more interesting and unpredictable than the previous ones. Matches between Linz and Metz of course are the big surprise and shows how it is important to one point! I do not remember, that is encountered in the history of ETTU Cup or Champions League”, stated Coach Irina PALINA who contributed with two points in the 6:0 victory against Leutzscher.


Berlin reached seven titles in the last four years: two Bundesliga (2014, 2015), three German Cup (2014, 2015, 2016) and two ECLW (2012, 2014). Speaking about possibility to repeat triple crown from 2013/14 season, PALINA stressed that “this time will little bit difficult, because tournament schedule is a bit stretched in this season”.

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