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Member Associations - 10 Feb 2016

KRAMER announced his retirement as President of the Netherlands TTA

Before the end of his re elected period in NTTB, Ronald KRAMER ETTU President, announced his retirement as the President of the Netherlands TTA. This takes effect as of today.


"The reason for such action came not because of big internal problems, I hope even the contrary, but just because the combination with my Presidency of ETTU eventually now proves not to work well - time wise. Too often I am missing NTTB meetings and events and although some people wanted me to stay for the rest of my re-elected period, I feel personally most unsatisfied for not being able to give NTTB the attention and time it needs," stated KRAMER.


ETTU President expressed his regrets, but explained his motives."It is with much regret, that I am stepping down after having started as President half-a-year before the 2011 WCTT in Rotterdam. On the other hand, this decision will also leave me more time and energy for my ETTU/ITTF work."


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