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World Championships - 29 Feb 2016

Germany recovered from 1:2 against Brazil

Photo: ITTF

Perfect 2016 World Team Table Tennis Championships


Germany faced Brazil in the third Round of the Women’s Event at the Perfect 2016 World Team Table Tennis Championships. They recovered from two games to null in reverse to win the match.


With two victories, Irene IVANCAN was the backbone of the team’s success.


“It was hard for Nina MITTELHAM and Kristin SILBEREISEN to play under such conditions. It was their first match in the hall and they were not adjusted to the conditions. It is little bit windy due the air conditioning system, but with 40 degree outside, we have to choose between less evil. Somehow, now, I think the heat will be better,” said IVANCAN.


Nina added.


“I was nervous too since it was my first match in Kuala Lumpur.”


IVANCAN beat GUI Lin and Bruna TAKAHASHI, whilst Kristin SILBEREISEN succeeded against GUI.


“They struggled with my style of play and we took advantage of it.”


After two close defeats in full distance matches, Ukraine finally recorded the victory today. Against Netherlands and Singapore they lost 2:3, but against France, Margaryta PESOTSKA, Tetyana BILENKO and Ganna GAPONOVA showed no mercy.


“We were looking for this victory desperately. We were so close in two previous matches, with so many good chances - missed. Against Singapore Tetyana and I lost 2:3 against FENG Tianwei, it was 8:3 and 2:2 for BILENKO, she was really close to win it at 2:1 for the team,” explained Margaryta PESOTSKA.


Against France Ukraine posted 3:0 victory.


“Carole GRUNDISCH was not an easy adversary. She play at a high level here,” added PESOTSKA.” Tomorrow we will also have very tough game. Alexandra PRIVALOVA plays her best tournament here. In addition experienced Viktoria PAVLOVICH is always dangerous. I suffered from neck injury and for me it will be very difficult to play at the top level”. 

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