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World Championships - 29 Feb 2016

After rainy day, the sun shines again for Hungary

Photo: ITTF

Perfect 2016 World Team Table Tennis Championships


After they faced China and Chinese Taipei on the other side of the net at the opening day of the Women’s Event at the Perfect 2016 World Team Table Tennis Championships in Kuala Lumpur, Hungary finally had a moment of joy. In the third round of the Group Stage they overcame Spain in straight matches. It brought them back in game, but still they do not have the space for any mistake.


“Since I am no. one player in the team now, coach thought he should give the chance to younger player against China yesterday. Dora MADARASZ, Mercedes NAGYVARADI and Szandra PERGEL did the best they could against the champions. Against Chinese Taipei, I think, I had a chance to do more. The problem was I did not feel the ball well. My game was completely distracted by the conditions. When I tried to serve short ball, it ended like half long or long service. When I tried to block it bounced up or down, but not where I planed…I could not adjust. It is a shame, because later, Petra and SZANDRA stretched their adversaries to full distance. It could be completely different situation if I was able to make a lead.”


However, the win against Spain brought back Hungary in game.


“SHEN Yanfei is injured, so it made our job much easier. She is very dangerous player and without her is not the same team,” added POTA.” I played against Galia DVORAK long time ago, so I was little bit worry. It was unnecessary, because she failed to fell my game. I could attack and block without major problems.”


For POTA, tomorrow’s match is very important.


“Now it is to be or not to be foe us. We do not have any space for mistakes. We have to beat Malaysia. Judging by the rankings, we are favorites, but the problem is we do not know them. They are not present at the World Tours so we do not have any opportunity to see them.”


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