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Olympic Games - 25 Aug 2016

Petrissa SOLJA: The best moment was when we beat Japan

Photo: ITTF

Rio 2016


The Olympic Games are behind us, but phenomenal success of the German team still echoes. One of the creators of the story of success was Petrissa SOLJA the member of the silver medal team in the Women’s Event.

You went to Rio with the great ambitions, but was it a goal to reach the medal from the very beginning?

“It was the dream for me to win the medal and I wished it will be in Team Event. We all knew that our chances lay in Team Event because we were seeded at the position no. three. The expectations were high. The great obstacle was the fact that for all three of us it was the first time that we played at the Olympic Games,” explained SOLJA. “Already, when we saw the draw we realized we have a great chance to get this medal, but we had to play our best.”

What is the strongest memory from the tournament?

“When we won against Japan. It was the best moment for me. After YIN finished the last ball it was the moment of great relief. We needed full four hours to conclude that match. We were under enormous of pressure and the level of stress was very high. I think I never was that happy like when we beat Japan.”

It came as a consolation for the result in Singles Event.

“For me, the hardest moment was when I lost my first match in singles against the player from North Korea. When I saw the draw I knew it will be very hard. Event to get to the second round seamed as a mission impossible. . I was aware I had to play over the 100 percent to beat her, but I could not play like that in first match. I lost against her in two previous occasions. She was too strong for me.”

SOLJA mentioned great fans in Rio.

“I was supported by the fans.They cheered all of us, not only players from Brazil. They were very kind and showed respect for the good game,” said SOLJA” The most powerful impression was opening ceremony. It was great, everything was fine. I had the chance to see lot of top athletes and it was very interesting for me. Olympics are great experience.”

Did you have a chance to see something else beside venues and Village?

“I did not have time to go out. I just went to the German house, finally, to have tasty meal. I was afraid to go sightseeing for security reasons. We were warned it was dangerous.”

What you will do now?
“For next two weeks I am on holiday. I am at Cyprus and after the break we will start the preparation for European championships and Champions league. I will go to the training army camp for eight weeks until December. I also, hope, I will receive the wild card for the World Cup. I was not playing at the ITTF Europe Cup, because I was injured.”



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