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Olympic Games - 15 Aug 2016

Continental Presidents meet in Rio, sign on dotted line

Khaled El-Salhy, Juan Vila, Cai Zhenhua, Thomas Weikert, Tony Keisenhoferr, Ronald Kramer, James Morris Khaled El-Salhy, Juan Vila, Cai Zhenhua, Thomas Weikert, Tony Keisenhoferr, Ronald Kramer, James Morris Photo: ITTF

Photo: ITTF

A busy time in the main arena at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, behind the scenes there is also plenty of activity with a range of meetings being on the agenda.


One of the most significant was held on Sunday 14th August when ITTF Continental Development and ITTF Continental Affiliation Agreements were signed.


The agreements are for the Olympic cycle, from 2017 to 2020; they enable the continents to facilitate long term planning whilst giving surety of budget.


“It is a formal recognition of the continents; it gives them more say in organising their various programmes, it gives autonomy”, said Glenn TEPPER, ITTF Deputy Chief Executive Officer.


ETTU and ITTF already established very good colaboration in that field. .


“I am happy to continue the very good co-operation. It is an investment for the future, it will help our Eurotalents programme” Ronald KRAMER, President European Table Tennis Union


“The new agreement gives us more possibilities, especially to develop in the various regions” Khaled EL-SALHY, President African Table Tennis Federation


“The level in many parts of Asia is high, we have a great deal to offer in developing our sport further” CAI Zhenhua, President Asian Table Tennis Union


“It means a great deal for Latin America, it will help us reach our main goal, which is to reduce the gap between Latin America and Europe and Asia.” Juan VILA, President Latin American Table Tennis Union


“The United States and Canada have very young players right now, we want to try to get them closer to the best in the world; also we have the US Virgin Islands and Bermuda who are in the development stage” Tony KEISENHOFER, President North American Table Tennis Union


“We have many small associations, the agreement helps up to promote table tennis throughout our regions of the world; we can take initiatives that otherwise would not have been possible” James MORRIS, President Oceania Table Tennis Federation

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