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Member Associations - 10 Apr 2016

Wheelchair TT: Borussia new German champion

Photo: Courtesy Borussia Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf`s side reached its very first title, champions are Thomas SCHMIDBERGER und Sandra MIKOLASCHEK


Borussia Dusseldorf is the new German champion in the wheelchair table tennis. That is the very first crown of the most successful European club in table tennis, ten times TTCLM winner.


Before the final round Borussia, Duisburg and Koblenz were leveled at the top and the final decision came after matches between them. Dusseldorf beat both their opponents 3:2 to secure the top with 24 points, in front of Duisburg and Koblenz (both 22).


Borussia was represented with Thomas SCHMIDBERGER und Sandra MIKOLASCHEK. SCHMIDBERGER was unique undefeated player in the league.

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