European Olympic Singles Qualification

PRIMORAC still radiate with positive energy

2016 ITTF-European Olympic Games Qualification Tournament in Swedish city of Halmstad



In the opening round of the second tournament Zoran PRIMORAC of Croatia suffered defeat by the hands of host nation’s star Kristian KARLSSON. On his way for the eight Olympic Games, legendary Croat had finished the competition at the penultimate day of the 2016 ITTF-European Olympic Games Qualification Tournament in Swedish city of Halmstad. However, his fighting spirit is still at the highest level, and for PRIMORAC it is not over yet.


“It is not over for me. I still have theoretical chances to gain my viza for Rio. We have Polish open next week and with good performance I can gain a lot of points there. In addition, I am following closely how TAN is playing. Maybe we can make it through as a team,” said PRIMORAC.


His enthusiasm is contagious, but even such legend admits that he struggled with the pressure.


“Everyone here is under heavy weight of numbers. Everyone is counting and watching the rankings. I cannot escape, people constantly comes to me with the questions about my chances and rankings. Wanted or not, I was dragged into that atmosphere. Instead of being focused on play, I was thinking about points and positions,” said PRIMORAC.


He also had few regrets.


“I am sorry I did not enjoy the game little bit more here. It is great privilege to be still part of the circuit; to fight with these boys. If there were few more wins, everything will be much better.”


Zoran suggested few changes for the Qualification system.


“It has to be changed. Players who are already qualified should not be here. I think that Asia protected well their players by the regulations. We should do the same,’’ suggested PRIMORAC.

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