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Champions League Women - 4 Apr 2016

Berlin wants to go down in history

Photo: Courtesy TTC Berlin Eastside

Coach of German club Irina PALINA says that ECLW final against Zamek Tarnobrzeg will be special. Berlin targets its third title in five seasons


In the first decade of the ECLW, competition launched in 2005, four clubs won the title twice: Sterilgarda Castelgoffredo (2006, 2007), MF Seervices Heerlen (2008, 2010), Linz AG Froschberg (2009, 2013) and TTC Berlin Eastside (2012, 2014). Bearing in mind outcome of the 2015/16 semi-final, Berlin has a chance to go down in history as unique triple ECLW champion, but it will be tough task for sure, because actual ETTU Cup winner KTS SPAR Zamek Tarnobrzeg targets its very first ECLW crown.


“It is difficult to say anything, all our players played very well and everyone was ready to do everything and, if need be even a little bit more”, stated Berlin`s coach Irina PALINA about semi-final returning leg against Linz (3:1). “After the first two games when the score was 1:1 it had an advantage compared to the first match in two sets. And Petrissa (SOLJA) showed all the public (the hall was full) what it means to be number 13 in the world”.


German side won in Austria 3:2 (10:9) thus everything has been open in the Berlin`s hall. After first two matches in the second leg the score was same like three weeks ago (1:1), but this time Petrissa SOLJA was better than Iveta VACENOVSKA in the third encounter. After all, SHAN Xiaona confirmed her status as a key Berlin`s player, winning four points in both games.


“Very much hope that Nana (SHAN) will be able to show in the final game same result as against Linz and Peti (SOLJA) and Gina (POTA) will support! The final match will be special, because there are two defense players. It is important to prepare well.”


Berlin and Zamek will play first final clash on April 29th-May 1st while the rematch will be held on May 27-29th. Polish champion defeated UCAM Cartagena in the semis and now approaching to its very first ECLW final.

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