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European Championships - 24 Sep 2015

VLASOV: We should not let fans down

Photo: Alex LOMAEV, Butterfly

Quotes from LIEBHERR 2015 ITTF European Championships press conference


Day before the official kick off of the LIEBHERR 2015 ITTF European Championships in Ekaterinburg, all the tables in the International Exhibition Center “Ekaterinburg-EXPO” are already occupied. Players are warming up for the first challenges.


Some of them reveailed their thoughts at the press conference at the done of the team's Event.


Team of Russia will be under great pressure here:


“We are going to play at home soil; of course, it is a great responsibility, because we should not let fans down, as well as people who have organized this big tennis holiday. We have been training during many months, there is competitive spirit in the team, and our team is motivated for fight and victory. That is why I am sure we will show our best table tennis, “ said Grigory VLASOV.


Three times European champion Vladimir SAMSONOV added: “Everything looks well here in “Ekaterinburg-EXPO”, I am sure that we will not have any problems here. Big events are always very well organized in Russia, I like everything here. Before the start of the tournament we will still have time for trainings, and I hope we will not disappoint our sports fans. 


The best ranked European player at the ITTF rankings, no. 5, Dimitrij OVCHAROV of Germany came to Russia as a big favorire and the leader of the team with great aspiration to the throne.


“ I have been preparing in China during the whole summer. Last two weeks I have decreased the training load in order to be in the peak competition form in the tournament. It’s difficult to say in which form I am. I think that the Championships will show. Everything can change very quickly: one-two successful games and I will be among the favourites and vice versa, something may go wrong and I will tumble out from the favourites. Last two weeks I have been training much. I may say that I have done everything to show here my good skills and I think I can outplay others. 


The member of the team of Portugal, reigning champions, Marcos FREITAS stated: “First we need to get to the quarter final, and then we need to show everything we are capable of, and of course, we would like to win as we did it a year ago in Portugal, but it will be difficult, we have serious competitors, serious teams but we will do our best for the victory. “


In Women's Team's Event Russia count on strong team.


“Of course, we will strive for victory. We are expecting the good result. We have a good group in team events. It’s good we don’t have dangerous competitors as German tennis players because it’s difficult to fight against them. I consider them the favourites. Four teams are all different; it is possible to become both the first and the last ones. We will try to become the first ones, of course, “said Polina MIKHAILOVA.


Speaking in the name of favorites, member of Team's Champions, Petrissa SOLJA stated: “I hope we will be able to show a good game at the European Championships. We would like to win both in team events and doubles. Besides this year I think we have a strong and well-trained team. And the time will show if we can execute our plans. “


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