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European Championships - 28 Sep 2015

Romania first to reach the final of the Women’s Event

Photo: Elena ELISEEVA

Ukraine proved worthy adversary


Romania booked the place in the final of the Women’s Team’s Event at the 2015 LIEBHERR ITTF European Championships. In the semi final they overcame Ukraine 3:1.


Romania faced challenging task in the penultimate stage. In recent times there have not been defensive players of high quality in Romanian ranks. The most recent has been Maria ALEXANDRU in 1960, so it was not the ideal style of play for the trio of Elizabeta SAMARA, Bernadett SZOCS and Daniela DOEDAN MONTEIRO.


Tetyana BILENKO justified her rankings I the duel against Bernedette SZOCS. Romanian player, currently ranked at the position no. 63 at the ITTF rankings, suffered by the hands of BILENKO who currently occupies place no. 47. SZOCS could not find the answer for BILENKO’s defensive skills.


“It was not my day. It was to early; I did not enter the match the way I wanted,” said Bernadette SZOCS.


With the style opposite to BILENKO’s, Margaryta PESOTSKA stretched Elizabeta SAMARA to full distance. Silver medalist at the European Championships in Stuttgart 2009, at the age of 18, put golden medalist in Team’s Event 2005, SAMARA under severe pressure. In fast exchange of strokes it was PESOTSKA who won the opening game. Next two went to SAMARA’s account by very narrow margin, before PESOTSKA recovered to level. In the final tense game, SAMARA was more aggressive and accurate so she won the duel.


“I won the decisive game 11:9 and its speaks for itself. We both played very good. Tiny details prevailed; we were completely leveled throughout whole match.”


After two years of absence due the maternity reasons Daniela DODEAN MONTEIRO was once again forced to put her fitness and patience to the test in the duel against Ganna GAPONOVA. Daniela made a dream start of her match, but GAPONOVA recovered to level. Daniela maintained her patience and forced Ganna into errors to finish the match in victorious style.


“It was physically very demanding match, but at the end I am happy with my performance. At 2:2 I run out of ideas. I did not know what to do to stop her. I just add some extra power to my game and it worked.”


Elizabeta SAMARA lost her duel against LI Qian yesterday, but today she proved she could deal with the defender. BILENKO was left without many chances.


“When I saw GAPONOVA played against Dana, I was motivated to win this match. I also think that she was a little bit afraid.”


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