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European Championships - 1 Oct 2015

Great wins for Darko JORGIC and Cedric NUYTINCK

Photo: Elena ELISEEVA


Belgium’s Cedric NUYTINCK showed solid performance in the group stages of the qualification for the Men’s Singles Event at the 2015 LIEBHERR ITTF European Championships in Ekaterinburg. In Group 17 he overcame Aliaksandr KHANIN of Belarus, Elskid JORGENSEN of Norway and in final match in the Group, Stephane OUAICHE of France.


“Against OUAICHE I started very good. I felt his rhythm and his game. He is very dangerous player with unusual style of play. He has something like “spinny” style of play with high balls. I won the opening game easily. The next one was very important. I had to push hard, to keep him under constant pressure. I felt I am in the control and I knew I had to stay focused. I could not let this chance slipped away. He become frustrated and lost second game. In next all I had to do was to put the ball on the table,” explained NUYTINCK.


In their previous encounter at the Belarus Open last year, NUYTINCK suffered defeat.


“That is why I was not under pressure. I had nothing to lose. This is very good victory for me.”


Against his adversaries from Belarus and Norway, Cedric face no difficulties.


“Against KHANIN I won two opening games easily, but in the third he prevailed. At the end I had better finish. Against JORGENSEN I managed to keep the match under control with good service.”

In Group A, at the end the point’s ratio decided the top two positions. All three players, Patryk ZATOWKA of Poland, Marco Rech DELDOSSO of Italy and Dane Michael MAZE recorded two wins and one defeat. ZATOWKA and DELDOSSO had 7:6 game ratio, whilst MAZE had 7:4. When it comes to points Polish player was most successful.


“I think it is better for Michael this way. Already, today he felt the pain in his knee. If he had stayed in the tournament there would be a danger of aggravating the injury. It has been only month and the half since he commenced training again, explained his coach HU Wei Xing.”


Darko JORGIC had the very good season at European Youth Championships and ITTF Junior Circuit. He booked his place among top 8 players in singles in Bratislava, won the bronze medal in doubles, won title at ITTF Circuit in Egypt and looking forward the place in the final in India next year.



In Ekaterinburg, Darko concluded the Group stage at top position after victories over Antoine HACHARD of France, Diogo CHEN of Portugal and Michel DE BOER of Netherlands. Two times he was stretched to full distance.


“In the opening match in the group I was very nervous. I lost easily the opening game against CHEN before I settled into the rhythm. The second match against HACHARD was crucial. I made a gap with 2:0, but after 9:9 I lost the third game. Antoine recovered completely and leveled the match. Coach told me to keep on pushing. I maintained the focus and won. Against DE BOER I was little afraid. He is the “old school” and it was very close,” explained JORGIC.


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