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Development - 17 Sep 2015

Great success for the Women Coaches seminar

Next meeting in Vandee, France


As a part of the ETTU Development program, Women Table Tennis Coaches seminar was held on 7th and 8th September in WSA in Schwechat. Headed by the ETTU-Vice-President Ivo Goran MUNIVRANA and coordinated and organized by the WSA-Women-Head coach Neven CEGNAR who is also ETTU Development Manager, not less than 22 coaches from 17 different countries participate at this top-class ETTU seminar.


“Some of the coaches are already known and they are very experienced, some of them are just on the beginning of their careers. This diversity of knowledge and experience was not an obstacle during the seminar. The coaches showed interest and eagerness to participate and to learn, taking part in discussions, asking questions” stated Ivo-Goran Munivrana, ETTU Deputy President.


After a few welcoming words delivered from WSA CEO Martin Soros, in accordance with the WCS’s program, MUNIVRANA addressed the coaches on behalf of ETTU .


“In 20 minutes I explained ETTU Development Program in general, underlining the parts of development for players and development for coaches. The reasons for the programs and consequences of not acting upon the program were explained and coaches were invited to take part in the ETTU DP programs. Special attention was drawn to the necessity of coach’s education, both theoretical and practical. At the end of presentation present coaches were informed about Coaching Conference in November 2015 and invited to take part.”


Presentation and lecturing of Mr. LI Xiaodong were very good and well accepted from coaches. Subject of lecturing was “The importance of footwork in modern table tennis”. Monday afternoon lecture was dedicated to the theory, Tuesday morning to the theory combined with video examples and Tuesday afternoon Mr. Li demonstrated practical work at the table.


Mrs. Polona Cehovin Susin presented ITTF’s combined program of development and education. Later, discussion between ETTU Deputy President Ivo-Goran MUNIVRANA and CEHOVIN SUSIN resulted with repeated mutual standpoints and both side wishes for further cooperation between ITTF and ETTU in the fields of development and education. The further discussion will take place in Yekaterinburg.


Next Coaching Conference is scheduled for Vandee, France from 26-28th November 2015.


In addition there is a possibility of organizing Juniors Camp as part of U21 DP and ETTU contribution to European juniors preparation for WJC.


“Neven CEGNAR will urgently investigate possibility to organize junior camp in Saarbrucken,  from 15th to 20th November, ending just a week before WJC in Vandee.Two coaches to lead the camp have already been proposed: Dmitry MAZUNOV and Slobodan GRUJIC. The first one is living in Ochsenhausen and other one in Saarbrucken.”


TIS 2015 Final Selection Camp in Otocec, Slovenia, will be held 4-11th October. Activities are going well, prospectus sent, entry expected. The selection will be done by Istvan KORPA, Joze URH (Slovenia national team coach) and Neven CEGNAR.


Until the end of 2015 two development camps for 11 selected TIS players will be organized in Lithuania and Netherlands in period from middle November to middle December.


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