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European Championships - 1 Oct 2015

ETTU Congress approves new regulations for European Championships 2016 and 2017

From 2017 there will be no changes in the way the Team Event is playing but in the qualification system


The most important decision, at todays ETTU Congress held in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Ekaterinburg during the 2015 LIEBHERR ITTF European Championships, concerns the format of future European Championships.


Starting from 2016, the Individual European Championships will be played in even numbered years. In addition to the men's singles, the women's singles, the men's doubles, the women's doubles will be the mixed doubles events.


From 2017 in odd numbered years we will have Team's Event. There are not changes to the Team’s Event, but the qualification system for Divisions has been introduced.


To reach the European Championships, teams will have to start the qualification system in April 2016. For the Team's Event the Championship Qualification Division will be composed of 30 teams, the 29 highest rank teams according to final positions and the winner of the Standard Division at the preceding European Team Championships. 15 teams will qualify for the European Championships Championship Division together with the host nation team. The remaining 15 teams will qualify for the Challenge Division.


The Challenge Qualification Division will be composed of all remaining teams; one team will qualify for the European Championship Challenge Division.


For the Championship division in next European championships qualifies: ten winners of the groups, five winners of the play off matches between the runner ups, one host association 2017. For the Challenge Division qualifies: losers of the play-off matches between the runner-ups, thirds of the groups, winner of the Challenge qualification division.


The dates for the qualifications matches in 2016 are already set: April 12th, May 3rd, September 6th, and November 22nd. There will be home and away matches in the Groups.


Congress approved the introduction of the Under 21 European Championships. From 2017, it will be held in January, February or March and it will last for 4 days. It will include the singles and doubles events; 56 men and 56 women will be invited, with the maximum three men and three women from Association.


Congress appointed new Honorary members. This membership is given to the persons with long, outstanding and meritorious service to ETTU. New Honorary Members are: Jean DEVYS of France, Jeanny DOM of Luxembourg, Hans Wilhem GAEB of  Germany and Radivoj HUDETZ of Croatia.


Executive Board also awarded the Badge of HONOUR for outstanding contribution to the work of ETTU to: Michael BACHTLER of Germany, Victor BATOV, of Russia, Robert BAUSCH of Germany, Erwin BERG of Germany, Claude BERGERET of France, Judit FARAGO of Hungary, Viorel FILIMON of Romania, Anton HAMRAN of Slovakia, Christer JOHANSSON of Sweden, Laszlo and Etelka ORMAI of Hungary, Walter RÖNMARK of Sweden, Jean-Michel SAIVE of Belgium, Diane SCHÖLER of Germany and Alexander ZAKHAROV of Russia.

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