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Other Events - 3 Sep 2015

30th Internacional Open VIC – 11th Adapted

Photo: Carles COSTA

Sports Hall VIC in Barcelona will host best players this weekend


30 International Open will takes place in Vic (Barcelona), on 5th and 6th September.

Among the favorites are: Spanish champion Marc DURAN (DKV Borges), Diogo PINHO (ASTT Miramas), Oriol MONZO (DKV Borges) and Andrei BIRLAN (Hispalis Sevilla) in men's Singles Event. The seeding list in women's Singles starts with Spanish champion Maria XIAO (UCAM Cartagena), whilst Iulia NECULA and WANG Zhipei (UCAM Cartagena), Natalya Prosvirnina (Vic TT) follows.

In Adapted category main favorites are Jorge CARDONA, Jordi MORALES and Alberto SEOANE.


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